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Join us for a night of fun as we raise money for one of our own. Scott's son Jax has stage 4 kidney disease and will require a kidney transplant. All proceeds from the night will go towards his medical expenses. Join the tournament or come for the dinner, drinks, raffles, auction and fun!
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APOA Duggar Family Poker Tournament



On May 28, 2021, at 7:39am, the Duggar family welcomed their fourth child, Jax, into the world. Moments later, the Duggar’s breathed a sigh of relief as they heard Jax cry for the first time. The road to Jax birth had been long and stressful, filled with emergency procedures, sleepless nights, and poor prognoses. The Duggars were filled with hope as the heard the “beautiful sound” of Jax crying but knew there would be more difficult times ahead.

Jax’ mother, Toni, had her world turned upside down in February of 2021, when a routine 20-week ultrasound revealed Jax had a blockage in his lower urinary tract. Doctors told Toni Jax’ left kidney was not functioning, his right kidney was barely functioning, and his bladder was five times the size it should be.

Worse still, Doctors told Toni that Jax had zero amniotic fluid. This became the Doctor’s primary concern because without amniotic fluid, there can be no exchange on nutrients between mother and child. Babies “breathe” amniotic fluid into their lungs which stimulates them to grow. Without amniotic fluid, JAX’ lungs would not be able to fully develop. Toni was told that Jax would likely be unable to breath at birth and had a very low chance for survival.  

Two weeks later Toni and Jax underwent surgery to place a device that would allow amniotic fluid to be released. The procedure worked but after only a week, the device became dislodged. Some amniotic fluid was released and lasted for several weeks before dissipating. The Duggar’s never knew whether Jax would be able to breathe on his own until he was born. There is currently no way to test lung development in utero.  

After the amniotic fluid had dissipated, Toni had to be constantly monitored to insure there was no umbilical cord compression. Typically, an umbilical cord is free floating in amniotic fluid. Without amniotic fluid, baby could compress the cord and cut off his own blood supply.

After weeks of constant monitoring, the decision was made to have Toni induced at 36 weeks. On May 28th at 7:39am, Toni gave birth to Jax. Jax was immediately taken to another room for care. She heard Jax’ beautiful cry and knew that meant he could breathe.

Three days later, the Duggars were finally able to hold their child. Fourteen days later, Jax was breathing on his own. On July 11th, after spending forty-one days in NICU, Jax was able to go home. Since being born Jax has undergone two additional surgeries and is unfortunately not out of the woods yet. Jax is still suffering from stage 4 kidney disease and needs a lifesaving kidney transplant. Toni is already in the process of testing to see if she is a matching donor and hopes to give one of her own kidneys to her son.

Toni is a stay-at-home mother with 4 children; Tina (17), Slade (5), Tori (3) and Jax (1). Her husband Scott serves his community as local Police Officer, and his country as an active United States Marine Corp reservist with 4th Force Recon. Toni prays that she is a matching donor for Jax but knows that will mean Scott would have to take an extended leave from work to care for her and the other children. The Duggars are hopeful for the future and know together, with a little bit of help, their family will make it through this difficult time.

We invite you all to join us in helping us support this amazing family.

-The Antioch Police Officer’s Association
Duggar Family Poker Night - Jax